Police-community Relations on WUWM's Lake Effect radio program

Click here to listen to the full interview on WUWM's Lake Effect with Audrey Nowakowsky

Producer Audrey Nowakowsky sits down with Pardeep Singh Kaleka, a former police officer, for an informative discussion on policing, faith leadership and ideas about why this particular incident, the murder of George Floyd, was the tipping point to the issues of race in this country.

Pardeep speaks to the culture of policing that is evolving, and that protests are part of that evolution.  He addresses the larger conditioning, not only within the attitudes of the police organization, but how we are collectively conditioned to the idea of "go along to get along".  His idea is that when an officer comes out of the academy, before hitting the streets, why not have them meet with neighborhood leaders and faith leaders, the stakeholders, therefore investing and nurturing relationships within communities. The alternative to policing as a control mechanism, could instead be to help people and decrease the level of disconnection we are experiencing now.