A Season of Action Against Hate

A Season of Action Against Hate

Oct. 12, 2017

The Interfaith Conference of Greater Milwaukee calls on all people of every faith and philosophy in Southeastern Wisconsin to stand against hate and uphold the dignity of all people during a Season of Action Against Hate, beginning with the collective Anti-Hate Weekend, Oct. 13-15, and continuing to Thanksgiving, when Americans of diverse races, genders, and creeds come together in appreciation of our great nation.

During this season against hate, we ask faith leaders and others to teach, preach, and dialogue about the rise of hate and how to build a community of compassion. This is occurring in conjunction with the Anti-Hate Weekend, a community-wide mobilization to reject hate and build a compassionate community.

Faith communities – in houses of worship and on the streets – are powerful forces for the common good. The Interfaith Conference charges faith leaders to galvanize the community with the power of their particular faith tradition to reject hate in our community.

Faith leaders are invited to join the Facebook group, Teaching and Preaching Against Hate SE Wisconsin, https://www.facebook.com/groups/1004074376400915/ , where they can share sermons, thoughts, programs, and ideas.

The Interfaith Conference also is urging leaders and members of all faiths to create and submit short videos of one or two minutes during the Season Against Hate and to send them to office@interfaithconference.org. Videos should respond to one of the following prompts:

  • What does your faith tradition teach about hate and intolerance, about loving the stranger?
  • How does your faith tradition inform how you behave toward people of other faiths?
  • Share an insight about compassion that you want others to know.

Authorized by Interfaith Cabinet. Approved by Interfaith Executive Committee