Please join us on August 5th, at 6pm at Marquette University for this panel conversation with authors of, "Interfaith Engagement in Milwaukee", Dr. Irfan Omar and Kaitlyn Daly. The panel will also include Pardeep Singh Kaleka, current executive director of Interfaith Conference of Greater Milwaukee, Janan Najeeb, president of Milwaukee Muslim Women's Coalition, and Rhonda Hill, founder of Race and Faith. Moderated by Dr. Andrew Kim, director of Center for the Advancement of the Humanities.

This event will be IN PERSON and also LIVE STREAMED.

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Humanities experts, religious leaders, and community members will highlight the transformative teachings and practices within Islam and Christianity while deepening the community’s understanding of how to examine and use faith and knowledge to promote the common good.



Onward With Hope:  Inspiring Courage to Create the World We Want

2021 Tuesdays-in-March Virtual Lecture Series 
March 2, 9, 16, 23,30

Organized by the Peace and International Issues Committee
of the Interfaith Conference of Greater Milwaukee 




March 2 – “Political Minds: Addressing the Challenges of a Divided Nation,” Philip Chard will discuss conspiracy theories, insurrection, hate speech, misinformation, and white supremacists, and what can we do to bridge this interpersonal chasm, find common ground, heal divisions and not drive ourselves crazy in the process?

March 9 – “Nurturing Hope from Within: Wisdom Teachings and Spiritual Practices,” the Rev. Karen Hagen, pastor of Tippecanoe Presbyterian Church in Milwaukee’s Bay View community will join us for a sampling of spiritual practices from around the world. A time to reflect and let the light of hope shine into our everyday living. 

March 16 – “Communities of Color: Finding Hope through Pursuing Justice” Eloisa Gomez, Minister Byron Johnson, and Jessica Boling will discuss some of the challenges that our diverse communities face in greater Milwaukee and how they have channeled their justice work around hope and community.

March 23 – “Moving forward from our own spiritual casteisms with genuine hope and connection,” Pardeep Singh Kaleka and Rhonda Hill, Inspired by the book “Caste” by Isabel Wilkerson, will have an open and honest conversation on the role that cultural dynamics have played in their own personal lives and continue to play in America.

March 30 – “Moving Forward Together with Hope after Incarceration,” Dr. Terri Strodthoff, Jeanne Geraci, and John Serrano join us to talk about the role of hope for those who have been through and may be going through the legal system.   





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Join us for the first virtual conversation with JAMES L. SANTELLE on Aug. 27th, 7pm on Facebook. 
Understanding the details of these decisions and constitutional mandates can be daunting.  We are grateful to sponsor and support this Facebook zoomcast presentation from our Interfaith friend, James Santelle, to learn more about how it affects our faith members and organizations. Interfaith Conference Facebook

Constitutional Rights to Religious Liberty: The Supreme Court’s Recent Cases on the Establishment and Free Exercise Clauses of the First Amendment

This academic and interactive program will focus on two, recent decisions of our High Court, addressing the meaning and impact of the Constitution’s protections against governmental establishment of religion and preservations of the right to its free exercise.  In addition to describing the factual and legal bases for those landmark rulings, James L. Santelle, the former United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Wisconsin (and long-time supporter of the missions and activities of the Interfaith Conference), will comment on the practical significance of the Supreme Court’s decisions for religious and non-faith-affiliated entities.  This 90-minute gathering will also include abundant opportunities for participants to ask questions, offer perspectives, and otherwise comment on these important and topical issues.


THURSDAY, SEPT. 10th at 7 pm

Join us for a presentation by author, Charles L. Cohen, followed by a Q&A from the CIU Committee, moderated by its Chairwoman, Janan Najeeb. Zoom cast will be linked on Facebook pages of Milwaukee Muslim Women's Coalition and Interfaith Conference of Greater Milwaukee, Thursday, September 10th at 7pmFollow link to the Facebook invitation page


PIIC  Luncheon / Lecture Series

Sponsored by Peace and International Issues Committee of The INTERFAITH CONFERENCE of GREATER MILWAUKEE

#Truth . . . or Consequences  (We won’t know what we don’t know…)
Addressing the vital importance of a free and independent press in a democracy, and some essential considerations in our pursuit of truth.

5 TUESDAYS IN MARCH: March 3, 10, 17, 24, 31, 2020     Noon to 1:30 p.m.

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Amazing Faith Dinner Dialogue 

Learn about one of our Conference faith members in this dinner dialogue with a presentation from Stake President, Ken Elbert and President of the Stake Relief Society, Alison Watson
Registration is required. To register, go to Dialgue Participation Form.  Contact Program Director, Cherrie Hanson by email, or phone, 414-708-9590