Natural Burials

(Photo: Larkspur Conservation at Taylor Hollow, Nashville, TN)


The American Way of Death Revisited by Jessica Mitford
First published in 1963 and revisited in 1996, this landmark of investigative journalism delves deep into the funeral industrial complex, with scathing wit and searching intelligence.

Final Rights: Reclaiming the American Way of Death by Joshua Slocum, Funeral Consumers Alliance & Lisa Carlson, Funeral Ethics Organization
Offers consumers a road-map to help plan a funeral that fits their needs and budget, including a chapter on laws in each state.

Grave Matters: A Journey through the Modern Funeral Industry to a Natural Way of Burial by Mark Harris
Follows families who found in “green” burial a more natural, more economic, and ultimately more meaningful alternative to the burial process

Caring for the Dead: Your Final Act of Love by Lisa Carlson
A complete guide for those making funeral arrangements with or without a funeral director; provides details & practical legal information

The Natural Death Handbook by S. Wienrich & J. Speyer
Suggests ways to arrange a dignified death in harmony with nature. It advises on practical needs of those dying on how to organize inexpensive yet very personal funerals, and on to the grieving process itself.

Sacred Acts: How churches are working to protect Earth’s climate by Mallory McDuff
Chapter 3: “Life is Changed, not Ended – Natural Burial, Conservation and Climate”

Greening Death: Reclaiming Burial Practices and Restoring Our Tie to the Earth by Suzanne Kelly (2015)
Both an exploration of green burials and an elegant, intelligent and important appeal for an earth-based ethic of human death.

Advice for Future Corpses* *And Those Who Love Them by Sallie Tisdale
A practical perspective on death and dying, by a practicing nurse & Buddhist, including resources on making a death plan, etc.

Reimagining Death: Stories and Practical Wisdom for Home Funerals and Green Burials by Lucinda Herring
Natural, legal, and innovative after-death care options are transforming the paradigm of the existing funeral industry, helping families and communities recover their instinctive capacity to care for a loved one after death and do so in creative and healing ways. Offers stories and guidance for home funeral vigils, advance after-death care directives, green burials, and conscious dying.

Going Out Green: One Man's Adventure Planning His Own Burial by Bob Butz
“At once elegant and funny as hell, Bob Butz has written the most useful book I’ve seen all year. Everyone will be needing this book.” —Doug Peacock, author

The Green Burial Guidebook: Everything You Need to Plan an Affordable, Environmentally Friendly Burial by Elizabeth Fournier
Points the way to green burial practices that consider both the environmental well-being of the planet and the economic well-being of loved ones.

Changing Landscapes: Exploring the growth of ethical, compassionate, and environmentally sustainable green funeral practices compiled & edited by Lee Webster
A thought-provoking collection of essays and articles that re-vision funeral practices in a green world.

resources, speakers, books, films, newsletters, displays, workshops
Facebook: Natural Path Sanctuary (a great resource if you use Facebook. Daily updates on interesting green burial related things- articles, video, etc. Questions will be answered.)
A rich resource website for general information, planning guide, product resources, locator for certified green burial sites, and up-to-date listing of books/blogs/articles/videos
Information about conservation burial, gives links to further good resources
Website for book of the same title, including a blog & FAQ’s on green burial
Interview with Dr. Billy Campbell, founder of the Ramsey Creek Preserve, featured in the film “Dying Green"
Green funeral and burial tips for making the entire funeral process green; additional information about green funerals in general
Intended as a general guide to green funerals. The site introduces the reader to the full spectrum of greener practices one might consider when planning a funeral. & local affiliate:
Funeral Consumers Alliance/Funeral Consumers Alliance of Greater Milwaukee
Wisconsin advance directive forms
Working to make the discussion and practices surrounding death a more aware, positive and acceptable experience
A magazine focusing on conscious, holistic approaches to end of life
The “Death” issue invites one to explore “a good death”, including how to make plans for the disposition of our bodies in a way that underscores our place in the ecosystem and nurtures the planet

PRODUCTS: Caskets, Shrouds, etc.
Informational Research Resource website and seller of green & natural burial products
Provides funeral and burial products that are environmentally friendly
Caskets for green burial
Shrouds and other natural burial products
Natural Burial Company
Casket kit


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