Fight Hate With Understanding

Ellen Braunstein of The Wisconsin Jewish Chronicle interviews Interfaith Conference of Greater Milwaukee's Executive Director, Pardeep Singh Kaleka about the rising tension toward minority groups based on faith, race or religion.

The Interfaith Conference of Greater Milwaukee plays an important role at a time of rising antisemitism and other hate crimes in Wisconsin, said Pardeep Singh Kaleka, executive director of the 50-year-old nonprofit organization.

The 21 members of the Interfaith Conference are committed to regular dialogue within its leadership committee. They also offer programs designed to increase interfaith understanding, advocacy and social justice.

“During a time of any kind of tension, minority groups based on faith, race or religion bear the brunt of a blame culture,” Kaleka said. “With the COVID-19 pandemic and people losing their lives and their livelihood, it becomes easy to blame small minority groups.”

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